SA Scale Model EXPO 2023

SA Plastic Modellers Association presents

Online Entry Form

Online Entry Form (for competition and display models.)

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Note: if you have more than 5 entries, please submit another Online Form with the additional entry details.

Conditions of Entry

Note: online entries are now closed… Entries will still be possible in person at the EXPO check-in desk on either Friday evening (6pm to 8 pm) or Saturday morning (9am to 2pm). 

Expo Categories for reference:

AK1 – Animal Kingdom
AV1 – AFV (Small Scale)
AV2 – AFV (Medium Scale)
AV3 – AFV (Large Scale)
AV4 – AFV (Wheel Driven)
CA1 – Civil Aircraft (open All Scales)
CR1 – Cars (Small Scale)
CR2 – Cars (Medium/Large Street Legal)
CR3 – Cars (Medium/Large Competition)
CR4 – Cars (Kustom)
DR1 – Dioramas (Small)
DR2 – Dioramas (Large)
DR3 – Dioramas (Civil – Open All Scales)
FG1 – Gaming Figures (Open All Scales)
GD1 – Gundam & Mecha
HF1 – Historical Figures
JT1 – Small (Small Scale)
JT 2 – Jet (Medium scale)
JT3 – Jets (Large Scale)
MA1 – Micro Aviation 1/100 and smaller
MB1 – Motorbikes (All Scales)
PR1 – Prop Single Engine (Small Scale)
PR2 – Prop Multi Engine (Small Scale)
PR3 – Prop Single Engine Medium Scale
PR4 – Prop Multi Engine (Medium scale)
PR5 – Prop (Large scale)
RH1 – Rotors & Helicopters
RA1 – Rigged Airplanes (1/48 and Smaller)
RA2 – Rigged Airplanes (Large Scale)
RK1 – Rockets Space and Missiles
SF1 – Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Movie Figures
SF2 – Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Movie Busts
SF3 – Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Movie Vehicles (Small)
SF4 – Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Movie Vehicles (Medium)
SF5 – Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Movie Vehicles (Large)
SH1 – Ships (1/350th Scale and Smaller)
SH2 – Ships (Large)
SH3 – Submarines (Open All Scales)
TR1 – Trucks (Commercial Bobtail)
TR2 – Trucks (Commercial Combination)
UN1 – Unnominated / Scratch Build
NOV – Novice
SD1 – Scratch and Dent